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About Us

We are a comprehensive "all in one" professional information and business support consultancy with a strong goal orientated focus towards providing the best possible service to our broad client base.

We pride ourselves upon our discretion, the efficacy and accuracy of our services and upon tried and tested professional service delivery.

Our highly effective team of specialists and service providers work with best practices, an entirely legal framework and state-of-the-art solutions to provide our valued clients with key proactive strategic services which could mean the difference between success or continued difficulty.

Our services are of vital strategic importance to any corporate or professional entity, human resources management department, recruitment agency, as well as for any household which hires staff.

Pre-Employment Screening, Domestic Staff Vetting, Credential Verification, Professional Integrity Management, Credit & Financial History Reports, Tenant Screening, Criminal History Reports, Detection of Conflicts of Interest, Vetting & Re-Vetting Services:

Our philosophy is resolutely simple:

You would never voluntarily allow a criminal or unsavoury character to have unfettered access to your home or business and would almost always ascertain if it were safe to do so before such access was granted.

Much in the same way, in direct reference to the numerous circumstances of fraud as well as untrue and misrepresented data on any particular curriculum vitae which currently plagues the S.A and international job market, an employer simply cannot afford to appoint any particular candidate to a position of trust within their department or company without first ascertaining if the said candidate is suitably qualified, or if their credentials are in fact genuine and in particular if they have an undeclared criminal history or any other issue which would otherwise preclude them from being appointed to such a position.

Through the utilization of our professional services, we enable our valued clients to effectively prevent the placement of unprofessional, unqualified, dishonest, ethically corrupt candidates with negative criminal histories who have questionable integrity, an may have ulterior motives, from being placed within their companies or households.

We act as your professional gatekeeper to provide you with extensive, up to date, valid and effective data to best enable you to make the relevant critical recruitment decisions based upon verified and confirmed information with a strong focus on the prevention of any unsuitable candidates from being recruited or placed and thereby ensuring that despite their misrepresentations and dishonesty, such negative elements are prevented from gaining employment within a home, corporate or any other professional entity.

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