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We are a comprehensive "all in one" professional information, pre-employment, verification, vetting, enhanced due diligence and proactive business support consultancy with a strong goal orientated focus towards providing the best possible services to our broad client base.

We pride ourselves upon our discretion, the efficacy and accuracy of our services and upon tried and tested solid professional service delivery.  

Why you as a manager, employer or lessor would greatly benefit from our highly valuable services:

Simply put, our services help to mitigate all of the risks and pitfalls when having to hire new staff or place new tenants as well as when the need arises to verify an existing issue with your current staff.

Allow us to remove the question mark (?) from each of your prospective candidates and current employees to ensure the protection of your hard earned professional reputation without having to sustain any damage from undiscovered issues, CV fraud or "inside job" related security breaches. 

For businesses dealing with domestic or foreign companies or individuals, whether it relates to an offer to purchase, or the procurement of a large quantity of stock etc.

Allow us to limit your exposure to fraud and misrepresentation by utilizing our specialist Enhanced Due Diligence Services.

For more information about the professional services which we offer, please view the page titled "Our Services"

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